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    Groupage goods delivery is a modern tendency in the transport market. The groupage delivery will bring you a great number of advantages: a steady delivery routes at the expected period of time as well as the cut in transportation costs. That’s why thousands of European and CIS countries which value their time and money chose exactly this kind of goods delivery.  

    A direct delivery of groupage goods functions in the following way:

    Groupage goods are collected by our partners’ trucks at the shipper’s warehouse. Then they are on the way to the consignee’s warehouse bypassing transshipping terminals. Each consignment has its own shipping documents and CMR.

    Groupage goods consolidation in Poland

    Another way of goods delivery is groupage goods consolidation in Europe. Small consignments of different shippers are consolidated at one depot. Then they are delivered to their consignees. Goods from Western Europe are delivered to our partners’ transshipping terminals in Europe to be stored until a full truck is loaded.  As soon as the full truck is loaded, the groupage goods are forwarded to the consignees.