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  • Transportation of Oversize and Heavy Load Cargoes

    Transportation of oversize cargoes requires particular attention and special transport, which should be accordingly equipped for transportation of heavy load oversize or long cargoes.TSP Team will arrange and fulfill delivery of any oversize cargoes, considering all existing norms and requirements imposed by appropriate state structures and clients with necessary transport and with any handling equipment, which is required for assembling, disassembling and handling operations, and, which is important, we will make available for you liable specialists, who will professionally carry out all the works related to transportation and will execute all the necessary documents for legal and secure transportation of oversize cargo.

    Transportation of oversize and heavy load cargoes requires special approach and appropriate list of services:
    • development of optimal transportation routes;
    • selection of optimal rolling stock (depends on the goods characteristics and transportation route);
    • development and agreement of the goods’ allocation and fastening scheme on rolling stock;
    • to speed up agreement of international transportation arrangement;
    • tracking of rolling stock with the customer’s cargo;
    • execution of insurance for oversize cargoes transportation;
    • consultations concerning requirements for oversize cargoes transportation considering international logistics and other issues related to cargo delivery.

    There are no ”insoluble” problems for our company, since we quickly solve any irregular tasks, arising in the process of oversize cargo transportation, without giving headache to our clients. Experience of our employees and their sincere desire to work are the best warranty of your oversize cargo’s integrity and safety.